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Ineke van der Valk is a researcher at the University of Amsterdam who specializes in racism, extremism, ethnic relations and diversity in multicultural societies. She holds degrees in Educational Studies and Ethnic Studies and a Ph-D in Discourse Studies from the University of Amsterdam.She obtained her doctorate focusing on the interplay between social sciences and discourse analysis with a comparative study of the perception of ethnic issues in the political discourse of the Netherlands and France, paying special attention to the extreme right. The title of the thesis was: Difference, Deviance, Threat. Before she worked as a senior researcher in the Research Department of the Anne Frank House, Monitor Racism & Extremism project where she studied processes of (de)radicalisation of right-wing extremists, Islamic extremism and Islamophobia. She also worked at the University of Amsterdam, where she participated in a joint research project with the University of Vienna on racism in European countries. She was a community worker and human rights activist in the 70-ies and 80-ies. She has published on issues relating to racism, islamophobia,  right wing and jihadi extremism, political radicalisation, representation of ethnic issues in politics and the media, citizenship and integration, the post-war history of immigrants in the Netherlands, human rights in Morocco and intercultural education. Ineke van der Valk currently works on islamophobia in the Netherlands and manages the Monitor Islamophobia Project in the Netherlands. Her book ‘Islamofobie en discriminatie’ (Amsterdam University Press, 2012) was translated in English, French, German and Italian.

Last Publications

Her last publications include:

Dutch Islamophobia ( LIT-Verlag 2015)

Racism, a Complex Human Rights Issue, in: B.Weston & A. Grear (eds.) Human Rights in the World Community: Issues and Action (University of Pennsylvania Press 2016); http://www.upenn.edu/pennpress/book/15530.html

Islamophobia in the Netherlands, national report 2015, in: E. Bayrakli & F. Hafez, European Islamophobia Report 2015, SETA, 2016 (pp. 377-399);

for the full text http://www.islamophobiaeurope.com/reports/2015-reports/  For the chapter on the Netherlands   http://www.islamophobiaeurope.com/reports/2015/en/EIR_2015_NETHERLANDS.pdf

Publications in English (selection)

Interruptions in French Debates on Immigration. In: Reisigl, M. & R. Wodak The Semiotics of Racism, Approaches in: Critical Discourse Analysis, Wenen, Passagenverlag, 2000;

Parliamentary Discourse on illegal Immigrants, Asylum and Integration: The Case of Holland. In: Wodak, R. & T.A. van Dijk, Racism at the Top, Klagenfurt: Drava Verlag, 2001;

Parliamentary Discourse on Immigration and Nationality in France. In: Wodak, R. & T.A. van Dijk, Racism at the Top, Klagenfurt: Drava Verlag, 2001;

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Difference, Deviance, Threat? Mainstream and Right-extremist Political Discourse on Ethnic Issues in the Netherlands and France,1990-1997. Amsterdam: Aksant, 2002 (298 pp.);  for more information click here

Right-wing Parliamentary Discourse on Immigration in France. In: Discourse & Society, 2003, Vol 14(3):309-48; For full text click here 

Political Discourse on Ethnic Minority Issues, a Comparison of the Right and the Extreme-Right in the Netherlands and France (1990-1997). In: Ethnicities, 2003, Vol 3(2): 183-213; for full text click here

Racism, a Threat to Global Peace. In: Journal of Peace Studies, 2003, Vol 8(2): 45-66; for full text click here

Global Peace and Racism, a Historical Theoretical Discussion. In: Leena Parmar (ed.) World Peace and Disarmament, 2003, Jaipur: Pointer Publishers.

Entry and Exit (In en Uit Extreemrechts), with W. Wagenaar, Anne Frank Stichting/Universiteit Leiden, Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press (AUP), 2010 (130 p.);

For English version of the report Entry and Exit  click here

Islamist extremism in the Netherlands ( Islamistisch extremisme in Nederland), In: P. Rodrigues & J. van Donselaar, Monitor Racisme & Extremisme, negende rapportage, Amsterdam/ Leiden Anne Frank Stichting/Universiteit Leiden, AUP, 2010 (pp 85-109);  For more information and full text of the chapter click here

For the Dutch version click here

Islamophobia and discrimination, Amsterdam University Press (AUP) (preface by prof. dr. E. Hirsch Ballin) 2012 (160 p);  For PDF in English click islamophobia in the Netherlands

Also available in Dutch, French, German and Italian. See publication list on this website.

Youth engagement in right wing extremism: comparative cases from the Netherlands. In: Max Taylor et al., Extreme Right-Wing Political Violence and Terrorism, London: Bloomsbury 2013 (pp.129-149).